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A Profound Southern American Catholic Novelist, By...

A profound Southern American Catholic novelist, Flannery O’Connor concealed her true spiritual intentions into many of her grotesque stories. Many of her writings involve a tale of a displaced person that is eventually lead to redemption and mercy from God. Through plenty of hardships and mistakes, her protagonists endure a spiritual transformation that leads her characters into enlightenment. O’Connor weaves blatant instances of sacramentality, mediation, communion, mercy, and human dignity into the development of each of her stories. O’Conner revealed sacramentality in thousands of examples throughout her literary marks of genius. In â€Å"Wise Blood,† Hazel’s car exposed sacramentality as a symbol of himself. The car’s beat-up, rugged state and unreliable features mirrored Hazel’s own broken-down spirituality. When the car broke down on the side of the road, Hazel proclaimed, â€Å"This is a good car, Mister! This car can take me a nywhere I wanna go!† (film). He argued that the â€Å"well-built† car could not break down due to its prime initial quality. His connection with the car resembled a part of himself. The car served as Hazel’s longed-for home, podium, and sanctuary; the vehicle even provided him a place to sleep. Also, he found a homebased security atop of his car when he preached about the â€Å"Church Without Christ.† Hazel even declared, â€Å"Nobody with a good car needs to be justified† (film). He used his car to steer himself, literally, away from the truth of God. Hazel tried to

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The Bystander Effect And Schizophrenia - 981 Words

In the following two studies, â€Å"The Bystander Effect† â€Å"Schizophrenia,† Has opened questions about what we as individuals will or will not do when faced with different circumstances. Many of us would like to think that we would stand up for what is good and right, when â€Å"no one† seems to be watching. (Bystander Effect), however as shown in this social experiment as well as many others, that doesn’t seem to be the case. As in the â€Å"Bystander Effect,† People whom suffer from schizophrenia also face many other misconceptions. Some believing that schizophrenia is caused by bad parenting. We are going to take a closer look into several different viewpoints that lead us to believe or not believe these conceptions. Schizophrenia What is Schizophrenia? A severe, chronic, and challenging mental disorder characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize reality. The outcome of this is brain disorders such as: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, loss of personality, confusion, agitation, social withdrawal, psychosis, and bizarre behavior. Many hear voices or see things that don’t exist in reality and the effect of the outcome usually means that schizophrenics are unable to cope with their social surroundings failing in social well-being. One example of somebody who went through schizophrenia was John Nash. Because of his introverted personality social loneliness growing up has been a possible link to what could have led to his schizophrenia. Nash wasShow MoreRelatedIs Schizophrenia A Mental Disease?1242 Words   |  5 Pages Schizophrenia A normal person is able to go about their day without any problems at all, however, for a person with schizophrenia, their day may be next to impossible. The voices playing throughout that person’s head all the time distracts them from their everyday activities. Their reality is much different than a person without this disorder. Schizophrenia is a mental disease that affects many and can become very serious if not handled correctly; if more research is done on this disease thenRead MoreSchizophrenia Essay1066 Words   |  5 Pagesis schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by irrational thought processes. A person dealing with this debilitating illness may think that people are going to kill them, or kidnap them. Some Schizophrenics often have â€Å"voices† in their heads telling them what to do. In some cases this has caused people to take their lives or try to. Schizophrenia is everywhere you look. Out of one hundred thousand people at least one hundred and fifty people have schizophrenia. LikeRead MorePoverty And How People With Poverty Suffer Real Psychological Issues870 Words   |  4 PagesTheses causes often lead to very high levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and insecurity. People on the streets live an unhealthy lifestyle, physically and mentally. Psychological disorders such as depression, anti-social personality disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety correlate to people in poverty. Many of them may struggle with alcoholism or drug use as ways to cope with depression, furthering into an even deeper state of depression and poverty. I found this situation to be difficult for theRead MoreDissociative Identity918 Words   |  4 Pagesmind and its elusive relation to body and brain function.† is defined as a disorder in which two or more distinct personalities coexist within one and the same individual. However, Multipl e Personality is not a form of schizophrenia which it is greatly confused for. Schizophrenia is a type of psychosis where contact with reality and insight are impaired opposed to DID being a neurotic disorder. Psychiatrists believe that dissociation is a defense mechanism: a reaction to severe childhood traumaRead MoreSuicide Awareness Essay991 Words   |  4 PagesDryden-Edwards) By definition homicide is the killing of a human being by another human being, but suicide is the act of killing oneself intentionally. Suicide awareness needs to be raised by knowing what suicide is, teaching others about suicide, and the effects of suicide. Each year in the United States over 300,000 individuals will attempt suicide, with approximately 32,000 taking their own life. (Dana Lizardi) The most common causes of suicide are the breaking up of a romantic relationship, moving, lossRead MoreComprehensive Exam Questions Masters in Psychology3545 Words   |  15 Pagesstudies may sound, because they have less control over the variables and the environments that they study, non-experimental designs cannot rule out extraneous variables as the cause of what is being observed. Only experiments can assess cause and effect (Author, 2003). References Author.(2003). Descriptive and correlational designs. Retrieved Jan 5, 2005 from FamilyHealth International [FHI]. (2000). QualitativeRead MoreThe Wonders of Vitamin C Essay1146 Words   |  5 Pagesvitamin C has several potential effects upon exposure. It may prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, and supports resistance of other illnesses such as the common cold and the flu. The purpose an independent experiment (Hemila, 1999) was to find the magnitude of the benefits of vitamin C on common cold symptoms. The results were that the duration and severity of the cold were lower in groups with vitamin C doses (#1). However, in the 1999 study by Hemila, the effects vitamin C â€Å"on severity has oftenRead MoreDifferences Between Weak Impermissibility And The Bystander Cases3595 Words   |  15 PagesIn the aforementioned studies, an asymmetry is found between the footbridge and the bystander cases which suggests that there is an independent reason to remove any asymmetry in the personal bystander and footbridge cases. The results showed that participants were awa re of the difference between weak impermissibility and all-in impermissibility. In the first experiment, about 70% stated that is was not acceptable to violate a moral rule and all things considered both in the personal footbridge caseRead MoreThe Debate Over Legalization Of Marijuana1732 Words   |  7 Pagesproduces drowsiness (Robberson, Wallace, 2008, 291). Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette also known as a â€Å"joint† or in a pipe, or blunt. Though it can be eatable by drinking it in tea or cooked within food. Physical and Psychological Effects of Marijuana The active ingredient THC reacts on specific sites in the brain, called cannabinoid receptors (U.S. Department of NIDA, 2010). The highest concentrations of these receptors are located in the parts of the brain that influence pleasuresRead MoreThe Classification of Cannabis Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 19715890 Words   |  24 Pagesand cannabis resin. Class C (the least harmful) includes anabolic steroids, benzodiazepines and growth hormones. 1.4 When advising on the harmfulness of drugs, the Council takes account of the physical harm that they may cause, their pleasurable effects, associated withdrawal reactions after chronic use, and the harm that misuse may bring to families and society at large. The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 (Statutory Instrument 2001/3998) defines the categories of people authorised to supply and

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The Rise of Tablet Computers Free Essays

THE RISE OF TABLET COMPUTERS In today’s digital world, tablet computers are the leading mobile devices for daily usage. Eagerness for buying a tablet is spreading around the world. In subways, in restaurants more and more people are seen with a tablet in the hand. We will write a custom essay sample on The Rise of Tablet Computers or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some of them play games, some navigate through the Internet. Today, most people prefer to buy a tablet computer instead of a notebook or netbook. The question is why people buy tablets? They are not cheap, relative to their notebook and netbook equivalents. They cannot perform all the functions of a typical computer. Is the key of tablet computers’ success efficiency or marketing strategies and competition? I guess both of these are important factors in the success of tablet computers. The main reason why people buy tablet computers is the efficiency factor of tablets. Tablets are easy to use, they are lightweight and they consume small amount of space. They have touchscreens and they open instantly. People just take it out and do what they need to. Many people think that a tablet computer is the ultimate all-around mobile device. Tablets can do whatever users want. Entertainment, business and Internet features in the same device are attracting people towards tablets. It is safe to say that in near future, tablets are going to overthrow the dominant handheld gaming consoles such as Nintendo 3DS and Sony PS Vita. Tablets feature a lot of easy and addictive games and network support for them. These little games are usually free or they cost so low, such as 1 dollar. The worldwide phenomenon Angry Birds costs a dollar for the end user and the sales figures show that this game sold over 160 million on all platforms. This example shows that many people love low-cost and addictive games on tablets. Other than games, tablet computer users can be entertained by watching movies on their tablets. Today’s tablets usually offer high resolution displays, so watching movies on a tablet computer is a pleasurable experience for many users. Another important thing is the business purposes of tablets. Many business people buy a tablet for doing business on the go. These business people can check their e-mail, check business related information on the Internet or have a video conference. Users can even write, edit and read text documents on tablets. The last big feature of tablets that it brings the whole Internet to the user. Portable Internet is the biggest need of daily life in today’s world. People do everything on Internet. Watching YouTube videos, updating your status on Facebook and Twitting becomes simple when you have a tablet. Users can navigate through the Internet as they are at home. Proliferation of public wireless networks makes free Internet access possible from nearly everywhere such as cafes, malls and buses. All these things make a tablet computer the most efficient technologic device in the market. Tablets bring functionality and compactness together. That’s one answer to the initial question: â€Å"How it sells a lot? † Every company can make a revolutionary product. The important thing is for this company is the ability of selling it. Today, there is a tablet market thanks to Apple. Apple is a great company with great products and they have a lot of marketing geniuses in their company. One day, Apple made a product called the Apple iPad. It really was revolutionary. It was the first modern tablet computer. Because of it was a new technology, it had missing essential features like multitasking, Adobe Flash support and a camera. Even though these lack of features, iPad became a hit. Who made it a hit? One of the most experienced marketing experts in the sector and an influential CEO, Steve Jobs was the key to the popularity of iPad. His â€Å"reality distortion field† once again proved itself. What did Apple do after the first iPad? They produced a successor, Apple iPad 2. It had a retina display and some other things as new features. But there was no sign of a real evolution in iPad 2 except a camera, multitasking and a couple of things. IPad 2 wasn’t real different from its predecessor. IPad 1 was released at March 28, 2010 and iPad 2 was released at March 25, 2011 but even fresh iPad 1 owners buy iPad 2. It eventually had a bigger success than iPad 1. After iPad 2-mania, Apple recently introduced The New iPad, a. k. a. iPad 3 to the market. It offered even better improvements to its predecessor, but some reviewers are still not satisfied by the improvements that have been done. For example, Apple didn’t introduce a 128 GB version, didn’t make a new design and didn’t integrate Siri which was highly anticipated by the end user. Besides just not meeting the expectancies, The New iPad actually degenerated in some way. It was heavier than its predecessor about an ounce. Knowing that it has a lot of new features that consume more power such as Retina display, better cameras and a faster processor, it is obvious that it needs a bigger battery to keep the battery life same. An ounce is not a big difference but it is significant because it shows that Apple’s Research amp; Development department is not really focusing on the â€Å"Development† part especially in hardware. Apple engineers are capable of doing better. From this example, it can be understood that marketing strategies helped the tablet market to grow. Other thing which helped the market to grow was competition. Rival companies of Apple started to produce their own tablet computers instantly after witnessing the success of the first iPad. Those tablets exploited missing features of iPads such as third party software support and deeper customization. A lot of companies produced tablets similar to iPad. The main rivals of Apple are RIM, Samsung and ASUS. With all these options, the market grew exponentially and tablets became available for a wide range of users. It is important to deliver a new product to a lot of people. Cheaper tablets made this easier. And in total, tablet computer sales got closer to notebook and netbook sales. In conclusion, some key factors like efficiency, marketing strategy and competition helped the tablet market become what it is today. People are tending to buy a tablet in these days because of the easiness of use in daily life and such things. It is not hard to see that also marketing strategies confuse the users and make them buy tablets. In near future, more and more tablets are going to be sold and tablets will dominate the mobile device market. How to cite The Rise of Tablet Computers, Papers

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Organizational Judgment and Decision Making

Question: Discuss about the Organizational Judgment and Decision Making. Answer: Introduction The paradigm shift in manufacturing and industrialization is described by significant changes. These changes are defined by new organizational structures and work plan initiated by the management. Techniques of production have been waivered by technical developmental projects within organizations. Changes due to developmental projects are characterized by the installation of new machinery to support new technology, change of processes for value addition, and restructuring organizational designs. The stated changes come with some responsibilities for which the management should account. These responsibilities ensure that the management is responsible for the wellbeing of the employees as well as the participatory communities by eliminating any risk. Categorically, hazards due to the installation of new machinery to support new technology affect the industry operations, surrounding communities, and individuals within the system. To be specific, hazards due to industrial processes and chemical plant installation range from; physical hazards, chemical, ergonomic, work, and safety hazards. Types of hazards Safety hazards. These types of risks are commonly manifested within the workplace. They include unsafe conditions exposing one to injury, death or illness. Safety hazards include spills on the floor, working from heights for example ladders, scaffolds, or any raised work area, unprotected machinery and moving parts, electricity hazards, confined spaces, and machinery hazards such as boiler safety. Physical hazards. Physical re environmental factors that may harm the body without necessarily coming in contact with the body directly. Physical hazards include ultraviolet radiations from the sun, extreme temperatures, ionizing microwaves, and loud, consistent noise. Chemical hazards. Exposing workers to chemical substances in the form of liquid, gas or solid can cause illness, skin irritation or breathing difficulties. For example, paints and acids, welding solvents, acetylene, carbon and propane, flammable materials like gasoline, and pesticides. Ergonomic hazards. Ergonomic hazards are manifested when the body and working conditions cause straining. Statistics indicate that these type of risks are hard to establish however can be traced via sores, and muscle straining. For example, improper non-adjustable workstations and chairs, awkward, repetitive movements, and vibrations amongst others. Work organization hazards. organization hazards are manifested through stress in short term and straining in long term. Hazards of this nature include huge workload, workplace violence, and inflexibility schedules, poor relations with the management and fellow workers, sexual harassment, and others. Whittaker and Reasons Designing in Safety. Whittaker and Reason strongly urge out the importance of taking precautionary measures via mitigation and redundancy techniques rather than probability calculations. The two authors lay a firm foundation for the use of documentation for design as a fundamental element of safety. Documents serve some purposes within organizations affecting decisions on major activities, product designs, processes, management approaches, and organizational culture amongst others. Strategically, documentation ensures that the company maintains its references and quality, offers historical oversight of future designs, and serves as a proof in lawsuits. Maintenance of references and quality. Documents are regarded important since they allow the organization to initiate and work out many projects simultaneously to completion. For instance, decisions on installing a nuclear plant in the organization to provide electricity for production purposes require a design formulation, an oversight of how the will work and its requirements, and approval of the project by different levels of the management. Documentations thus serve as references to technical issues that enhance maintenance of quality as a result of control over decisions and outcomes. Offers historical oversight for future designs. Understanding past safety or operational issues in earlier projects gives valuable information to designers for exceptional designs. Therefore, an archive system should be initiated for easy access to historical information on future projects decisions such as location or sites. Proof in a lawsuit. Instances where the design is questioned in the lawsuit due to allegations of negligence, documents of design exception are provided as evidence of a deliberate decision arrived at through a concession process from the management and other specialists after evaluating impacts and other alternatives. For example, allegations over a nuclear plant design that emits a lot of heat causing environmental hazards may be pardoned because it is a system failure over document proof limiting the court from taking a legal action against the company. Extra Precautions for Approval of a Nuclear Plant Health surveillance structures. It is important to ensure there is a proper system to check the health condition of workers who are vulnerable to ill health due to exposure to risks from radiations that may occur as a result of system failure. Such may include system controllers, engineers, and plumbers. Additionally, assessment of chemicals should be recorded in experimental notebook adjacent to the process undertaken. Use of material safety data sheets.The sheets offer information on the type of materials used to manufacture components. These may range from data on chemicals, the timeframe for exposure limits, and any other safety information. The information may also include the quantity involved for exposure, the physical form, the stages of infection, and the means by which the exposure occurs, for example, inhaling, ingestion, and cuts. The technique should also allow for measures of control to be applied. Ideally, a less hazardous solution such as working in a fume chamber, or scrubbing devices may be helpful depending on the nature of the hazard. Additionally, personal protective measures such as dust masks, use of impermeable clothing, and gloves may mitigate the hazardous condition. Training. Training gives information on the hazards of materials used. During training, the target audience shall acquire information on functional precautionary measures to be undertaken to evade harm. Such forums allow the users and the specialists to freely interact thus clarification on technical use is made. For example, the ratio of mixing chemical substances and procedures to follow are well spelled out. Use, storage, and disposal of hazardous material are also spelled out, for instance, deactivating flammable and explosives. Restrictive access.Some chemicals are subject to control via licensing due to high risks of misuse. Such chemicals range from those that are used to manufacture illicit drugs substances. Under this category, a restrictive approach is adopted by charging users for license acquisition. Users too should specificity their research area. The second type that is restricted is production, use or possession of chemicals related to warfare. Such category is subject to approval by adequate check of risk assessment plan, issuance of written training records such as military training camps, and security of disposal. Finally, access may be denied due to security alert and fear of terrorism. Diagrammatic Representation of Exceptional Design Documentation Process Description Basic information includes the location and the timeframe of the project. Design elements include the range, or scope ideally target population whereas the criteria outline resources used to obtain the model e.g. David, 2003, Geometry. The explanation is the motherboard since it describes the reasons for the design, the site, cost e.g. construction and social costs, possible impacts, and alternatives. Mitigation includes measures taken whereas explanation on the safety of the location, evaluation process, and other technical resources. Internal Political Bargaining Influence on Important Organizational Decisions Internal political bargaining plays an integral part in forming organizational decisions such as product varieties, range, culture and mode of operation. Practically, the government establishes the fundamental laws on costs, taxation policy amongst others. Politics influence decisions by embracing criteria such as supplier protection against competition, issuing of rewards to organizations and private persons, subsidizing prices, offering incentives, and taking total control by restricting access to sensitive products. Supplier Protection Against Competition The government protects suppliers against competition by granting them exclusive rights so that their products can be easily obtained in the market. In such instances, entry procedures of other firms and competitors are hiked to put them off. For example, in the case of the proposed nuclear plant, the government can give the company a competitive advantage of power production and supply to the main sectors of the economy hence a huge market base. Ideally, states also restrict foreign investments by overtaxing them so that any attempts of entry into the local market will make them operate on losses. Rewards issuance. Rewards may be offered regarding incentives such as tax-free production, free land, and others. Such incentives lure companies and individuals into investment and innovative ideas for economic growth. For example, in a nuclear plant, the government may opt to give land for power production and offer market for the company. Subsidizing prices.The approach is practically applicable in cases where the government pays for production costs on the primary products such as power so that it can be accessed by its citizens all over for an improved livelihood. Restrictive access. The government through the constitution restricts production of sensitive products relating to national security and public health. For instance, production of firearms, ammunition, and drugs can be used to stake the state at risk of terrorist attacks. Therefore, the government solemnly owns production rights of the mentioned products. For example, Department of Internal Security and National Defense and the National Institute of Health play are key producers of defense products and medical products respectively. Trade secret laws. The government deploys devices to ensure organizations maintain their production rights by concealing them. The approach ensures that companies do not sell their innovative ideas to others to increase creativity and innovation. Interaction between National Cultural Norms and Organization's Standards for Corporate Judgment Modern society is described by equal chances and opportunities to all stakeholders as methods of mitigating conflicts. Such a drive has enhanced majority representation within organizations as a cultural identity. Practically, organizational cultures embrace cultural dynamics such as gender, physically challenged persons, and ethnic representation through celebrating cultural days amongst others. Purposively, minority groups receive representation through liberal democracy principles based on individual freedom, social justice, and national unity. Organizational policies equally apply to all without discriminating any irrespective of their characteristics with regards to age, color, gender, tribe, position, amongst other key issues within the range of the organization. A multicultural dimension to the organization is a product of globalization that allows different enterprises to run a corporate business via a supply chain from the manufacturer to the consumer. The level of uniformity describes the supply chain effectiveness among distinct employees from various backgrounds who aim at meeting a similar concessions goal within the product range. Arguably, open communication patterns, collective bargaining and risk taking abilities within the business environment define corporate judgments based on diversification of culture. The stated elements add value to business since creativity is influenced by brainstorming ideas and participation from different people from different regions with different belief and customs. Diagrammatic Representation of Normative Interactions Group Thinking Group thinking is a set of dysfunctional decision-making process that drops alternative courses of action to reach a concessional decision by members' agreement. For instance, in the advent of the risk of exposition to the stated hazards, workers may unite and come up with alternatives to raising their concerns to the management. Practical approaches may range from planning strikes, taking the organization to court, peaceful demonstration, negotiation, or writing to the management amongst other options. Of the five stated options, they may discuss and opt to use negotiation as the best approach dropping all other options. Hence group thinking. Conclusion Conclusively, decision making is a continuous process of the management. Therefore, the stated precautionary measures can apply in daily lives to determine the effectiveness of the systems installed within the corporate world. Reference******/*****%20JDM%20RME%20Jul%****.

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General Custer Essays - Battle Of The Little Bighorn,

General Custer Hello and Welcome to Channel 7 news at 11:00. Today we have a Special Broadcast coming to us live from Washington D.C. We are going to join Bill Beutel in a couple of seconds. Ready Bill.....Ok we are now sending you live to Washington..... Bill: "Custer's Last Stand"...this rings a bell in the minds of many as you will see in tonight's segments..."Custer Stands Again". Tonight we will have a one on one, first time interview with General George Armstrong Custer. His death stirred up bitter controversy. Well he is with us today for one last chance to get to the bottom of everything. Let me introduce General George Armstrong Custer. Hello General. Custer: Hello Bill, how are you doing? Bill: Fine, and how are you? You are looking very good today. I am glad you took time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with us and our loyal viewers today. Custer: Thank You for the compliment Bill, you are looking good yourself. I myself have been on a Nutri System Diet and have lost 15 po unds, I feel like a new man. Bill: Ok we have a very short time slot here so lets get the most out of this once in a lifetime interview. Are you ready? Custer: I was born ready Bill. Go Ahead, Fire!!! Wait don't fire, I meant start asking your questions when your ready. All I have to do is answer them, you have the tough half in asking the questions. Bill: Ok, here goes, Are Those Bugle Boy Jeans that you are wearing!! Custer: Why yes, as a matter of fact they are. I bought them just for this show. I didn't seem to understand that question. Bill: I was just kidding, I was just trying to break the ice between us because we will be bordering on some very touchy matters. Ok then lets get straight to the point. What are were your personal feelings towards the Indians? Custer: I believed then and I believe now that they were uncivilized and just couldn't keep up with us Americans. They were also very dark due to the fact that they were squalid. They refused to wear normal clothing an d walked around half naked. They were inferior to us in more ways than others. Bill: That is a very harsh statement that you have stated. Can you back up that remark? Custer: Well of course I can, one that pops into my mind is their use of the Bow and Arrow compared to our more advanced fire power, rifles. How could they even stand a chance against us? For such ignorance they deserved what they received!!!!! Bill: Lets back up a little and go a little off the topic for a second, if you don't mind, can you summarize to us how you became what you were and are today? I would like to know and I am sure a lot of the viewers would like to know also. Custer: Ohh Boy, that's going back a long way but give me a minute. Ok, it started a long time ago when I was a young lad. I did not work hard at my studies. I graduated at the bottom of my class fro the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1861, and joined the Union Forces in the Civil War. I can honestly say that I was and still am very sm art but I never accerted myself, I guess you could say that I was lazy. Well, during the war I served with General McClellan in Virginia. In 1863 I was assigned to the cavalry and soon revealed daring and brilliance as an officer. As a result I was promoted quickly. When the war ended, I was made a lieutenant colonel and sent to Kansas to fight Indians. After that I did whatever I could to help the country and I soon became General. Well that was a lot to swallow I hope that you got it all. Bill: Wow, that was very interesting. Ok, when you were ruining the lives of Indians by killing them and herding them off their land, like cows, into unknown and uncharted reservations didn't

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Health And Social Care Personal Statement Essays

Health And Social Care Personal Statement Essays Health And Social Care Personal Statement Essay Health And Social Care Personal Statement Essay Due to old experiences of working with a scope of people in the attention sector I believe that throughout my clip on assorted work arrangements with people who have disablements and troubles in communication, along with the experiences gained throughout my surveies, my wish to prosecute a calling in the attention profession has grown. To foster my involvement in working with and around people I completed a class in child care. Throughout this class I was able to derive valuable experience of working with particular demands kids. While this was really ambitious I besides found it an highly rewarding and gratifying experience. To farther my cognition and passion for working with people I took a wellness and societal attention advanced class and took a hebdomad s experience in a twenty-four hours centre that involves working with people who suffer from troubles in communication and holding disablements. This once more helped to broaden my apprehension of working with people and besides how to cover with kids and grownups with disablements. Within my trim clip I have researched the occupation function and demands for wellness publicity to happen out what is involved. To construct upon these involvements farther, I am taking up a one hebdomad work experience within the wellness field. I will be passing the first hebdomad in a attention place concentrating on assisting aged people that suffer from dementedness and my 2nd hebdomad helping a wellness booster to see a more professional occupation function in wellness attention. I am looking frontward to this valuable experience as it will further consolidate my desire to analyze wellness and societal attention. I presently work as a gross revenues helper which has given me a valuable experience of working with people and how to help their demands in any manner possible. During this clip I am developing effectual communicating accomplishments and good working relationships. In add-on to this it is besides assisting me to demo how committed I am to my duties every bit good as showing good administration accomplishments. Having to beguile work and school every bit good as societal activities this besides shows that I am developing my clip maintaining accomplishments to do myself more committed and more punctual. During my first twelvemonth of 6th signifier I helped to raise money for the McMillan Cancer trust charity. I besides found this really rewarding as I was assisting others that were in demand, merely like during my work arrangements. I frequently play athleticss after 6th signifier with my friends ; this has helped me to develop excess accomplishments in working good in a squad. In add-on I have completed voluntary work with a twelvemonth six category to increase my cognition of working with immature people, another activity that I really much enjoyed and found highly honoring. To farther my involvement in working with people I have late volunteered to make a degree 3 v-volunteering in my trim clip, the certification itself is an accreditation signifier Newcastle University. During my trim clip I chiefly like to dance and sing. I find this is a good manner to show myself in add-on to assist me maintain tantrum. I besides attend the gym frequently to besides assist maintain me fit. I besides like to go to assorted different events and take advantage of any activities that I am offered whether it is through school or exterior of school. This helps to increase my assurance and besides helps me to run into new people. I feel that university is decidedly the right way for me. I am ever working highly difficult to accomplish the best I can, a effort which I intend to transport on throughout my university old ages. I feel I have the necessary accomplishments needed to bask university to the full and besides be successful in future old ages. In add-on I would besides wish to travel to university to assist develop my accomplishments even further so I can derive a good occupation in the wellness and societal attention sector which is ever my chief involvement. Social Work Personal Statement I have decided to take up the class in societal work because foremost the topics which I am making sociology looks at people and society s jobs, I have in this topic done work on household and at the minute making faith, this has fascinated me to assist people who are confronting jobs such as maltreatment in households. Second I have done personal survey on this topic which I have enjoyed reading around in periodicals and diaries which had fuelled my involvement in deriving a more depth cognition of working with different type of people and their jobs. Third I would wish to take up a class which fascinates me and in which I will find me excessively win and the challenge of working to deadlines Whilst in the 6th signifier I have been involved in a strategy which aimed to supply kids come ining school with a low reading age, with the aid their required to better their reading degrees. I besides at in my private clip be given to travel to old people house who are disabled because one of my close comparative is at that place besides this house is opposite my house so I go in and speak to different people and talk or drama games with them. This is another ground why I want to make this class because I have some experience of what I will be confronting in this class, it wo nt be shock to me at first clip unit of ammunition because I know in societal work you get people who are difficult to manage particularly childs My portion clip occupation which is store helper helped develop my apprehension of duty and has given me increased assurance besides enabled me to move initiatively with covering with unexpected jobs and has helped to develop my communicating accomplishments. Working with the kids in school has improved my interpersonal accomplishments so that I can now work with kids who can be awkward sometimes without any jobs As an single I like maintaining tantrum which I have a gym in my house, I besides like listening to music and traveling out with couples which provides me a different environment from college and work, this gives me an chance to do new friend and run into new people. I besides in my portion clip assist my younger brother and sister with their prep or I sometimes learn from my silent how to run up apparels As an applier, I will convey with me an enthusiasm and motive for this topic. My moralss background and cultural consciousness should let me to go and incorporate yet single of a university member in an progressively widely distributed society. Personal Statements: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Personal statements with positive impact After I was made redundant, I decided to go a support worker. This was because I had been volunteering for several old ages in the Youth Service, working with immature people at hazard of piquing. I got a occupation in a particular needs school where I supported students on an single footing. I needed to develop a good relationship with each student and to accommodate my communicating to their particular demands. An illustration is how I worked with a male child who was afraid of the physician ( describes her intercession and result ) . Working in this field for three old ages has encouraged me to undertake an Access class ; I have learnt the theory of communicating and can see why I was successful in my work with school pupils. I would wish to develop my accomplishments and knowledge farther by analyzing for a societal work grade. Skills I had gained as a support worker were needed when my male parent was diagnosed with dementedness. I had ever relied on his support and found that I had to be dependable and utile for him without allowing my emotions overwhelm me. I am presently working as a support worker in a multi-disciplinary community mental wellness squad. Although I work largely with the OTs I have a good chance to acquire an overview of the other professions including societal work. I have worked together with societal workers in the squad to back up vulnerable people in the community and peculiarly like the wider position they bring to their work such as affecting carers. I have worked in the substance abuse field for 5 old ages and have undertaken NVQ3.I have been offered the station of director in the service I work in but believing about my ain development demands, I now want to develop as a societal worker to derive a wider experience of working with vulnerable grownups and kids. I am a babys room nurse and wanted to take my involvement in kid protection farther by analyzing OU classs on wellness and societal attention. Statements with Limited Impact I have ever been passionate about attention, going a societal worker would let me to carry through my aspirations I have been employed as a carer for 6 old ages. I enjoy my occupation and the experience. This has been first-class for my personal accomplishments as I have to speak to people like the aged. I believe my personal thrust is a cardinal factor in my success as director in a attention place and I would be an plus to your grade . Working as a support worker means that I have learnt accomplishments in communicating and squad work. ( No farther treatment of these points ) Drawn-out expounding of old employment in assorted retail and selling companies, paragraph stoping with The work experience linked to societal work was a six hebdomad arrangement in twenty-four hours Centre where I helped escort the old people place. No farther treatment of what individual learnt from this, what impact it had on determination to use to develop as a societal worker. Having gained an NVQ 3 in wellness and societal attention and with huge experience in paid and voluntary work, I want to foster my calling by analyzing for a professional societal work making †¦.. ( so follows list of all the service user groups applier has worked with ) †¦ in all these my accomplishments in prioritizing my work load, meeting deadlines, clip direction and squad working has improved tremendously. No grounds given to show this statement. Other statements contain really general remarks on societal work – such as A societal worker s career is really complex and more than construing the job and helping people find a solution. It involves methods, theories and moralss. There is a danger that these types of generalized remark are either from web sites or books and articles which are non referenced – plagiarism can rise up its caput even before some appliers have started their academic calling!

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The Learning Organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Learning Organization - Essay Example From this paper it is clear that the paradigm shift in theory of management that resulted in the introduction of the Learning Organization is the shift of focus from mere â€Å"learning† to the â€Å"process of learning†. We now have a structured understanding not only of what we learn and how it can be applied but also how it is learned and communicated. As the rest of this paper endeavors to show, organizations also exhibit specific patterns of cognition, communication and evolution – with profound consequences for their economic output and vitality. This discussion highlights that it is perhaps best to start with an example. That the Japanese automakers have posed a serious threat to their American counterparts is common knowledge. Japanese cars have demonstrated greater efficiency and has generally been welcomed by the American Public. Not surprisingly, Japanese cars have been scrupulously examined by American engineers to decipher the secret of their performance. In one such test, it was found that a particular engine model was assembled with a set of three different bolts in America while the Japanese used only a single bolt standard. Each type of standard required a different type of wrench, complicating the inventory and incrementing the cost. It was found that this was because the American model was designed by three different teams of engineers while the Japanese model was entirely designed by one designer. Interestingly, this seemingly trivial action could have gone completely undetected though each of the three American teams were satisfied with their individual performance. It was not merely the lack of communication that resulted in the above complication. The fundamental breakdown of the American system of production was the lack of an integrated approach to design, production and testing.